The project proposal has the following goals:

  • To consolidate and enlarge the network previously constructed thanks to the EU funded Stop Match-Fixing project; the EU Milan 2014 Seminar; and the project AntiMatch-Fixing Formula with a very high potential in the short term.
  • To construct a tailored training pattern and model strongly linked to the specific needs of two targets (top decision-makers of sport organizations and grassroots sport clubs managers) and based on relevant data that allow specific knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon;
  • To create a specific e-learning module for a blended training model to build capacity of sport organizations top decision makers and grassroots sport clubs managers for effective use of protected reporting systems;
  • To elaborate structured guidelines to EU Commission for effective use of protected reporting system in contrasting match-fixing, based on a specific comparable data matrix about illegal behaviour and a tailored training model shared by the network coalition managing the project;
  • To create a permanent European dissemination platform of these tailored training model (including the e-learning module), thanks to the direct involvement of two National Olympic Committee, in the perspective of enlarging the model/practice.

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