In order to reach the established goals, the project will implement the following actions:

Data Setting functional to Tailored Training

To implement very targeted analysis to gather/organize specific data on the practices of protected reporting systems.

Tailored Training Model Concept and Design Development

To project an effective tailored training model based on this preliminary data setting (qualitative and quantitative), anchoring the tailored training actions to a specific knowledge of the phenomenon.

E-Learning Module

To conceive and to pilot a related e-learning module, in the perspective of an Open educational resource (OER) tool.

Tailored Training Actions

Through the tailored training model, to deliver specific competences to top decision-makers of sport organizations and grassroots sport clubs managers so that they can overcome the lack of specific know-how to fight Match-Fixing and to promote the effective use of protected reporting systems, included developing capacity to increase efficiency of whistleblowing process management, as The Macolin Convention highly recommends.

Guide Lining for Effectiveness in Policies

To elaboration specific Guide Lines about EU policies.


To disseminate the practice in a structured and effective way.


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