Reporting of Wrongdoing as a Key Leverage to Prevent and Fight Corruption and Crimes in the Sport Sector

26th January 2021 - Milan, Italy & 27th January 2021 - Brussels, Belgium | Multiplier Sport Event

Webinar: Reporting of Wrongdoing as a Key Leverage to Prevent and Fight Corruption and Crimes in the Sport Sector: the Role of Specialized Competencies 

Final International Event of the project T-PREG. Download the agenda here.

Due to Covid-19 restriction, this event occurred in an online format with the presence of all project partners as well as representatives of international sport institutions.


For those who are interested in viewing the video recording of the Final Event, please send a request to:



Práticas e Mecanismos de Denúncia de Manipulação de Resultados: Um Guia para Melhorar a Integridade no Desporto Nacional

3rd December 2020 - Lisbon, Portugal | Multiplier Sport Event

(Seminar: Reporting Practices on manipulation of sport competitions: A Guide to Improving Integrity in National Sports)

Download the programme here (in Portuguese).



Photos of the event available here.

Constrangimentos das Práticas de Whisteblowing no Desporto: Quebrar o Muro de Silêncio

30th September 2020 - Lisbon, Portugal | Multiplier Sport Event

European Week of Sport 2020

(Constraints of Whisteblowing Practices in Sports: Breaking the Wall of Silence)

Download the programme here (in Portuguese).


T-PREG participation in the Research Internship in International Studies

3rd August 2020 - Lisbon, Portugal | Multiplier Event

Presentation of the results of the project T-PREG and implementation of a training session with students from the Internship 'Verão com Ciência - Estágio em Estudos Internacionais' (Summer with Science - Research Internship in International Studies) at Iscte - University institute of Lisbon.

T-PREG participation in the SKILLS by SPORT 4 MED

20th February 2020 - Lisbon, Portugal | Training Session

T-PREG integrated the agenda of the kick-off meeting of the project 'SKILLS By SPORT 4 MED: Sport As a Vehicle for Developing Skills for the Labor Market and Entrepreneurship' funded by the programme Erasmus+ Sport. Similarly SbS4Med project will have a digital classroom, and T-PREG presented its experience, progress, and presentation of the results achieved. The representative members of the partner institutions of SbS4Med participated in a trainning session.

Ustanovitev Nacionalne Platforme Za Preprečevanje Prirejanja Rezultatov Športnih Tekmovanj In Integriteta V Športu

22th October 2019 - Ljubljana, Slovenia | Multiplier Sport Event

(Establishment of a National Platform for the Prevention of Organization of the Results of Sports Competitions and Integrity in Sport)

European Week of Sport 2019


Download the programme here (in Slovenian).


This was an event organized together with Olympic Committee of Slovenia signaling the launch of National Platform on Prevention of Match-Fixing. It took part within the European Sports week, namely the Days of Slovenian Sports. 
Panel was aimed at presenting the National Report on Match Fixing in Slovenian Football and Protection of Whistleblowers and training module:

Il Ruolo Sociale Dello Sport E La Prevenzione Dei Reati

27th September 2019 - Palermo, Italy | Multiplier Sport Event

(The Social Role Of Sport And Crime Prevention)

European Week of Sport 2019


Download the programme here (in Italian).


Canales de Denuncia en el Mundo del Deporte

24th September 2019 - Madrid, Spain | Multiplier Sport Event

(Reporting Channels in the World of Sports)

European Week of Sport 2019


Download the programme here (in Spanish).



Manipulação de resultados desportivos na Europa: perceções e atitudes para melhorar as práticas de denúncia

26th September 2019 - Lisbon, Portugal | Multiplier Sport Event

(Manipulating sports results in Europe: perceptions and attitudes to improve reporting practices)

European Week of Sport 2019

Download the programme here (in Portuguese).


How to combat Match-fixing in Belgian Sports?

24th September 2019 - Brussels, Belgium | Multiplier Sport Event

Download the programme here.


To report or not to report: advantages and dangers of whistleblowing in sport

28th March 2019 - Lisbon, Portugal | Multiplier Event


Programme here.

This event debated: 
  • Match fixing in Sports and the Code of Silence
  • Protected Reporting Systems for Professional and Grassroots Sport
  • Data collection from surveys (Intellectual Output 1 from TPREG project)
Invited Speakers from:
  • International Olympic Committee - Olympic Movement Unit on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions
  • International Tennis Federation - Integrity Unit
  • Secretary State of Youth and Sport from Portugal
  • Criminal Police - National Anti-Corruption Unit
  • Inovação e Tecnologia no Gaming
  • Portuguese Football Federation
  • Transparency and Integrity - Portugal
  • Olympic Committee of Portugal
  • Centre for International Studies (CEI-IUL) - ISCTE-IUL

Short video about the event (in Portuguese).

All photos of this event can be seen here.


Fostering Cooperation Between Leas And Sport Bodies To Prevent Match Fixing And Other Crimes In Sport B Y A Multilevel Strategic Use Of Protected Reporting Systems

20th February 2019 - Brussels, Belgium | Dissemination event

Download the programme here.



3rd Transnational Meeting

3rd June 2019 - Milan, Italy | Team project meeting

Donwload programme here.


2nd Transnational Meeting

20th November 2018 - Brussels, Belgium | Team project meeting

Download the programme here.

1st Transnational Meeting

20th February 2018 - Lisbon, Portugal | Team project meeting

Download the programme here

The New United Nations Resolution against corruption in Sports in the context of the fight against the manipulation of results in Europe

20th February 2018 - Lisbon, Portugal | Dissemination Event

In the context of the 1st Transnational Project Meeting, a public roundtable was organised with the presence of representatives of the following sport institutions:Olympic Committee of Portugal, Portuguese Institute for Sports and Youth, Transparency International Portugal and the Italian Government Office for Sport.


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